Monday, January 9, 2012

Boston-Haifa Connection is alive and good!

Through the Boston-Haifa connection, we were able to go to Airforce Base 21. One of our Israeli participants, Sharon, is a drill sergeant at this very base! We went on a tour of the base and learned about the different planes and helicopters that the Israeli Defense Force uses. Additionally, we met with high school students who attend the technical school. This school enables high school students to train to be airplane technicians and pilots before they are even 18 years old. We played sports and these students introduced our participants to a local favorite treat, CREMBO! 

More to come later!    

Lauren Witte writing her blog! 

Our guide at the air force base described some of the different planes and helicopters at Base 21. 

Everyone was really excited to be there! 

Some of the group in front of the F16 fighter plane.

Group picture with the Israeli HighSchool students who attend the technical school at the airforce base. 

Julia gets a look inside the cockpit of the F16!

Scott's birthday present was sitting in the cockpit! 

Not only did we see planes and helicopters, we also had the opportunity to play sports with some Israeli students. 

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